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Health Testosterone Raw Hormone Powders / Natural Bodybuilding Steroids For Muscle Growth

Health Testosterone Raw Hormone Powders / Natural Bodybuilding Steroids For Muscle Growth

    • Health Testosterone Raw Hormone Powders / Natural Bodybuilding Steroids For Muscle Growth
    • Health Testosterone Raw Hormone Powders / Natural Bodybuilding Steroids For Muscle Growth
    • Health Testosterone Raw Hormone Powders / Natural Bodybuilding Steroids For Muscle Growth
  • Health Testosterone Raw Hormone Powders / Natural Bodybuilding Steroids For Muscle Growth

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: Guangdong ,China
    Brand Name: KA-XING
    Certification: HPLC and COA
    Model Number: 315-37-7
    Type: bodybuilding steroid

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 50g
    Price: Negotiated
    Packaging Details: 5g,50g,100g,500g,1kg/foil bag or as requirements
    Delivery Time: 3 days by DHL
    Payment Terms: T/T,Moneygram, Western Union, Bitcoins
    Supply Ability: 1T/month
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    Detailed Product Description
    Color: Off-white Crystalline Powder CAS: 315-37-7
    Grade: Pharmaceutical Grade Carnitine USe: Muscle Growth
    Users: Bodybuilders


     steroids health Testosterone Enanthate for Bodybuilders

    1.Quick Detail:

    China Testosterone Enanthate white powder

    Trade name: Testosterone depot

    CAS No.: 315-37-7

    MF: C26H40O3

    MW: 400.60

    EINECS: 206-253-5
    Content: 98%

    Testosterone Enanthate is a steroid hormone from the androgen and is found in mammals and other vertebrates, testosterone Enanthate is primarily secreted in the tests of mails and the ovaries of female, although small amount are also secreted by the adrenal glands, testosterone Enanthate  is the principle male sex hormone and an anabolic steroid.



    Health Testosterone Raw Hormone Powders / Natural Bodybuilding Steroids For Muscle Growth

    2.COA and HPLC:

    Melting point

    34 ~ 39℃


    Specific optical rotation



    Related substances

    Not more than 2.0%


    Loss on drying

    Not more than 0.5%


    Free heptanoic acid

    Not more than 0.16%


    Residual solvents(GC)

    Acetone    ≤100ppm

    Methanol   ≤100ppm

    Pyridine    ≤100ppm






     3.The Effect;


    Health Testosterone Raw Hormone Powders / Natural Bodybuilding Steroids For Muscle Growth

    4. Packaging & Delivery:

    We have the special way can ship 50 grams to 50kg products at a time. We can offer the melting powder into liquid service.And ship the liquid in the special bottles. According to your request and the quantity what you buy, we have several packaging methods for your choice. safety and quick shipping to you.




    5.Commerce clause:


    Minimum Order Quantity: 100g

    Delivery Time: 3 days

    Payment Terms:TT, Moneygram and Western Union, Bitcoin, cash.
    shipping partner: DHL, UPS, TNT, FEDEX, HKEMS
    6.Our advantages:

    1.Our company is a professional production leading factory in China in pharmaceutical area of 20years,our products have exported to Germany, Spain, UK, USA, Australia, Middle East, and so on other country, and we have got very good feedback from our customers, we had Established long friendly relations of cooperation

    2. High quality, best price, first-class service, high successful delivery rate

    3. We have stock at China, Europe, Canada, so we can delivery quickly at the very day when receive the payment



    Products list

    steroid hormone powder CAS NO.
    Testosterone base 58-22-0
    Testosterone Enanthate 315-37-7
    Testosterone Acetate 1045-69-8
    Testosterone Propionate 57-85-2
    Testosterone Cypionate 58-20-8
    Testosaterone Decanoate 5721-91-5
    Testosterone Undecanoate 5949-44-0
    Testosterone Isocaproate 15262-86-9
    Testosterone Phenylpropionate 1255-49-8
    Methytestosterone 58-18-4
    17a-Methyl-1-testosterone 65-04-3
    Fluoxymesterone (Halotestin) 76-43-7
    Mesterolone 1424-00-6
    Boldenone base 846-48-0
    Boldenone Cypionate 106505-90-2
    Boldenone Acetate 2363-59-9
    Boldenone Undecylenate/Equipoise/EQ 13103-34-9
    Metandienone(dianabol) 72-63-9
    Methyltrienolone 965-93-5
    Turinabol 2446-23-3
    6-Bronmandrostenedione 38632-00-7
    Dehydroepiandrosterone acetate 853-23-6
    DHEA (Dehydroisoandrosterone) 53-43-0
    Tibolone 5630-53-5
    Oxymetholone/Anadrol 434-07-1
    Stanolone 521-18-6
    Stanozolol/Winstrol 10418-03-8
    Methenolone Acetate(primonolan) 434-05-9
    Methenolone Enanthate 303-42-4
    Metenolone 153-00-4
    Mestanolone 521-11-9
    Oxandrolone/Anavar 53-39-4
    Nandrolone Decanoate 360-70-3
    Nandrolone base 434-22-0
    Nandrolone Phenylpropionate 62-90-8
    Trenbolone base 10161-33-8
    Trenbolone Enanthate 472-61-546
    Trenbolone Acetate 10161-34-9
    Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzyl Carbonate 23454-33-3
    Dromostanolone Enanthate 472-61-145
    Dromostanolone Propionate 521-12-0
    Methasterone (Superdrol) 3381-88-2
    Androstenedione 63-05-8
    Dutasteride 164656-23-9
    dexamethasone 50-02-2 50-02-2
    Hydrochloride 129938-20-1
    Sildenafil 139755-83-2
    Avanafil 330784-47-9
    Tadalafil 171596-29-5
    Finasteride 98319-26-7
    Letrozole 112809-51-5
    Anastrozole (Arimidex) 120511-73-1
    Salbutamol (albuterol) 51022-70-9
    Dextromethorphan(DXM or DM) 125-71-3
    Aminoglutethimide 125-84-8
    Ketotifen Fumarate 34580-14-8
    Tamoxifen Citrate (nolvadex) 54965-24-1
    roacuttane (Isotretinoin) 4759-48-2
    Raloxifene Hydrochloride 82640-04-8
    Yohimbine Hydrochloride 65-19-0
    Clomifene Citrate (clomid) 50-41-9
    Clostebol Acetate 855-19-6
    Levothyroxine (L-thyroxine)(T4) 51-48-9
    Liothyronine Sodium(T3) 6893-02-3
    Trilostane 13647-35-3
    Formoterol Fumarate 43229-80-7
    Exemestane( Aromasin) 107868-30-4
    triamcinolone acetonide 76-25-5
    Estrone 53-16-7
    Estradiol 57-91-0
    Estriol 50-27-1
    Estradiol Benzoate 50-50-0
    Estradiol enanthate 4956-37-0
    Estradiol Cypionate 313-06-4
    Ethisterone 434-03-7
    Mestranol 72-33-3
    19-norandrostenedione 734-32-7
    Norgestrel 6533-00-2
    Norethisterone Enanthate 3836-23-5
    Levonorgestrel 797-63-7
    Megestrol acetate 595-33-5
    1, 3-Dimethylamylamine Hydrochloride 13803-74-2
    2, 4-Dinitrophenolate (DNP ) 51-28-5
    Rimonabant 168273-06-1
    Orlistat 96829-58-2
    L-CARNITINE 541-15-1
    Benzocaine 94-09-7
    lidocaine hydrochloride 137-58-6
    Tetracaine HCL 136-47-0



    NO. Name specification
    T-A001 MGF 2mg
    T-A002 PEG MGF 2mg
    T-A003 CJC-1295 with DAC 2mg
    T-A004 CJC-1295 without DAC 2mg
    T-A005 PT-141 10mg
    T-A006 MT-1 10mg
    T-A007 MT-2 10mg
    T-A008 GHRP-2 5mg
    T-A008 GHRP-2 10mg
    T-A009 GHRP-6 5mg
    T-A009 GHRP-6 10mg
    T-A010 Ipamorelin 2mg
    T-A011 Hexarelin 2mg
    T-A012 Sermorelin 2mg
    T-A013 Oxytocin 2mg
    T-A014 TB500 2mg
    T-A015 pentadecapeptide BPC 157 2mg
    T-A016 HGH 176-191 2mg
    T-A017 Triptorelin 2mg
    T-A018 Tesamorelin 2mg
    T-A020 Gonadorelin 2mg
    T-A020 Gonadorelin 10mg
    T-A021 DSIP 2mg
    T-A022 Selank 5mg
      HGH 200iu kit
      HGH 100iu kit
      HCG 5000iu vial



    Name CAS NO.
    Ostarine,MK-2866, Enobosarm 841205-47-8
    Andarine (S-4) 401900-40-1
    MK-677, Ibutamoren,mesylate 159752-10-0
    LGD-4033 1165910-22-4
    GW-501516/Cardarine 317318-70-0
    AICAR 2627-69-2
    SR9009 137986-29-9
    RAD-140 118237-47-0
    Flibanserin 167933-07-5
    Carphedon 77472-70-9
    Coluracetam 135463-81-9
    Sunifiram 314728-85-3
    Adrafinil 63547-13-7
    Pirfenidone 53179-13-8
    YK11 1370003-76-1

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    Contact Person: yuansen

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